Armed Forces By The Coast

The armed forces established within certain nations should not only be competent and highly equipped. They must also possess a certain degree of flexibility and reliability. For there are instances that delegated responsibilities may change especially when violence and war breaks into the picture. Lets take a look at one of the most elastic form of armed force in the world, the US Coast Guard.

The United States Cost Guard or simply USCG is a highly-respected brand of the US Armed Forces and is involved as one of seven uniformed services. The uniqueness of this organization lies in the fact that among the military service it is the one that has maritime law enforcement mission with judicial scopes that encompass both domestic and international waters. It also has a federal regulatory agency mission as part of its obligations. During times of peace it is within the leadership of the Department of Homeland Security while in times of war and terrorism its services are handed down to Department of the Navy by the President of Congress.

The primary responsibility of the Coast Guard is to provide protection to the public, the environment, and the United States economic and safety aspects in any maritime setting wherein those aspects or interests are facing a huge amount of risk. These include international waters as well as coasts, inland waterways, and ports located within the United States. The Coast Guard is organized and maintained under one motto. It is Semper Paratus which means Always Ready or Always Prepared.

The roles of the USCG include the likes of maritime homeland security, maritime law enforcement or MLE, search and rescue or SAR, marine environmental protection or MEP, and the maintenance of river, intracoastal and offshore aids to navigation or ATON. It was founded by a guy named Alexander Hamilton on August 4, 1790 and at present it is highly regarded as the oldest continuing seagoing service in the United States. The Coast Guard is a form of military service that is always on the go.

While it is a fact the other areas of service within the armed forces are either at war or engaged in training for war, the Coast Guard is placed on demand on a daily basis. This service is often recognized for having fast responsiveness and flexibility during times of serious emergencies and calamities.

This positive trait can be attributed to the fact that the organization has a decentralized system and even the most junior ranking personnel within its realms can respond accordingly. In 2005 right after the devastation of Hurricane Katrina, TIME Magazine lauded the efforts of the Coast Guard by describing it as a model of unrelenting spirit and true flexibility. The coast guard is known as being a people-oriented military service especially during times of environmental catastrophe.

The USCG has been part of major conflicts involving the US since 1790. These include the landing of US troops during D-Day, during WWII on the Pacific Islands, diligent patrolling and accurate shore artillery during the Vietnam War, and numerous involvements in the Operation Iraqi Freedom like transportation security and interception operations. Members of the service are officially tagged as Coast Guardsman regardless of what the gender may be.

Help is not only needed during times of war or violence. There are other situations that need the intervention of armed forces that is why its a good thing that flexible and reliable services like the Coast Guard exist

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