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The Armed Forces of a certain nation are concentrated mainly within its boundaries and territories. Although this is the main concern for such large scale organizations, efforts and resources have been facilitated in order to expand forces in a global level so as to provide help in peacekeeping affairs. Positively inclined personnel and artillery is set to protect all parts of the world running as near as the coastal lines and as deep as the sea beds.

The Royal Navy of the United Kingdom is recognized as the oldest among Her Majesty’s Forces thereby having the distinction of being called as the Senior Service. During the period that covered the 18th century up to the 20th century the navy forces from Britain was considered as the most powerful one in the world paving the way for the establishment of the British Empire as a highly regarded and dominating country from 1815 until the onset of the 1940s.

During the second World War, the Royal Navy accounted for around 900 sea vessels. In the times of the Cold War this force was mainly concerned with anti-submarine oriented operations wherein it hunted down various Soviet submarine that were considered to be an active part of GIUK gap. When the Soviet Union was shoved out of the picture, the role of the Royal Navy was focused more on global expeditionary.

In the ranks of the NATO alliance and operatives, the Royal Navy is the second largest navy force in aspects of combined deployment which is around 900,000 tonnes including the Royal Fleet Auxiliary or RFA ships. At present there are about 110 Royal Navy commissioned ships including that of the RFA. It also brags of aircraft carriers, helicopter carrier, landing platform docks, nuclear fleet submarines, frigates, ballistic missile submarines, guided missile destroyers, patrol vessels, and mine counter-measures. The RFA also provides a back-up with 22 vessels. It is said that the Royal Navy is the service responsible for maintaining the United Kingdom’s nuclear facilities.

The Royal Navy is an integral component of the Naval Service and is joined by the likes of the Royal Marines, the Royal Fleet Auxiliary, Royal Naval Reserve, and the Royal Marines Reserve. The latest role that the RN is based on the protection of the British welfare locally and internationally while executing foreign and defense policies as part of Her Majesty’s Government via the execution of military effect.

It is also obliged to take part of diplomatic activities and other operations that will promote its objectives. It also serves as an important component of the British part in helping facilitate the visions of NATO as evidenced by the assets made readily available for the latter’s projects.

The Royal Navy is being deployed in several home tasks within UK. It also acts to maintain overseas facilities and activities. There is a force deployment in the Mediterranean as part of the standing NATO programs which involves mine countermeasures and NATO Maritime Group 2. It also has the Royal Navy Cyprus Squadron. The new Patrol Vessel called HMS Clyde is the one delegated to roam around the areas of Falkland Islands. The RN is also patrolling Northern Persian Gulf in order to facilitate maritime security and surveillance within the circles of the Middle East.

Every part of a country’s territory and international relation is of significance and importance for its venture to maintain peace and prosperity that is why its armed forces are constantly on the go for improvement and enhancement of facilities and manpower.

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