HM Armed Forces

A countryís governance is very important in indicating the path that it will take for a period of time. The leadership that will be given to the people will gravely affect the countryís economic stability and global competitiveness. These concepts and its security are very vital in assuring the propagation of such nation. In lieu with this letís take a look at one of the long standing armed forces in the world.

The armed force of the United Kingdom has been accorded with so many names like His/Her Majestyís Armed Forces, the British Armed Forces, and at times within legal circles the Armed Forces of the Crown. It embraces three main divisions which include an air force, an army, and a navy. The constituent members of this armed force are composed of both professional and volunteer personnel. It has been considered as one of the largest military organization in Europe and fourth highest in terms of expenditures next only to the US, China, and France. This is due mainly to the varying fluctuations in the currency exchange.

The British Forces is regarded as having the second highest power projection capacity next to the United States. It is also considered as having the technological means that can support the demands of advanced military operations. Its navy which is called the Royal Navy has the distinction, aside from the United States, of having the resources and initiative of getting huge aircraft carriers. The Royal Navy places second in aspects of gross tonnage. The United Kingdom air force is also having organized processing in order to acquire the latest models of aircraft in the global scene.

The members of the UK forces swear their allegiance, loyalty, and respect to the Commander-in-Chief who is the British monarch, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. The British constitutional law indicates that the armed forces are under the power of the crown but during times of peace it is maintained accordingly with the guidance of the parliament. This is why the existence of the standing armed forces is annually reviewed by the parliament and this body is the one that decides whether there is a need for such force. Based on long standing legal conventions the Prime Minister has de facto influence over the armed forces which are managed by the Defense Council of the Ministry of Defense.

The primary purpose of the British Armed Forces is to protect the UK and all its territories in the overseas level while promoting the countryís national security and welfare as well as keeping strides in supporting international peacekeeping affairs and actions. This armed force is an active mainstay and common participant in NATO affairs and such other coalition activities. The UK also has connections with the Five Power Defense Arrangements.

Recent activities and operations of the armed force include the likes of being part of the Afghanistan and Iraqi wars, the intervention in Sierra Leone in 2000, and the continuing efforts to maintain peaceful times within Balkans and Cyprus. The UK makes a full effort in keeping the competence and security within its international facilities and military outposts that are situated in areas of Brunei, Canada, Diego Garcia, Germany, Gibraltar, Kenya, Qatar, Cyprus, Belize, Ascension Island, and the Falkland Islands.

A nationís armed forces are very significant in making sure that each of its dreams and aspirations for a prosperous and peaceful existence is made possible.

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