Homosexuality is No Issue at UK Armed Forces

In January 2000, the United Kingdomís Armed Forces has made a landmark and historic action. For the longest time, the organization was homophobic in nature. On the 13th of January, 2000, the body opened up to welcome and embrace gay men and women who are more than willing to get into the military service. The organization finally lifted its gay ban so that lesbians and gays could serve with utmost priced and certain distinction alongside heterosexual counterparts and colleagues. It was historic. Many soldiers and governments from all over the world watched and observed how the British forces did it.

The repeal of the ban was considered a critically and significantly important victory for many human rights advocates who have always fought for freedom and equality in all sectors of the society. Above all, it was sweet victory for the numerous gay men and women who have waited centuries and decades just to see it happen. While it is true that the act was not entirely welcomed by many elements in the British military establishment, more are clearly in favor of the landmark action. It was inspiring, providing inspiration and role model for all other armed forces to imitate and idolize.

Is there a need for further debate? Surely, there would always be arguments. This is because many people and military personnel are still holding the traditional belief and standpoint that the army and the military is not meant for gay men. It is a matter of heated debate. No one would easily accept defeat of his or her own opinion. But since the gay ban was already lifted, oppositionists and critics of the landmark action could not do anything but to stand by and justify their points and opinions. The gay men and women in service are now under further scrutiny.

Is there truly equality in the armed forces? There is now, based on the lifting of the ban. But many advocates and observers note that as long as the issue is still being debated and argued, gay men and women in the military are expected to keep on doing better not just to excel but also to prove their worth in service. They still carry the greater burden to show to everyone that they deserve to be where they are right now. The pressure is not as great in heterosexual or straight military men and women.

In 2009, a 22-year old gay man got the chance to be featured in the front cover of the prestigious Armed Forces of the UK magazine. That was nine years after the gay ban on the local military was lifted. Still, the news about the gay solider on the magazine became a hot issue. That means that people are still considering presence of gay men and women in service a big deal. Or they could be just being trivial. Either way, it is important to note that the military is evolving.

It is continuously improving itself to be better and more righteous in the eyes of all people.

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