Issues Surrounding the Armed Forces

The armed forces is an organization that is highly regarded in all countries. That is why many are looking up to military men and women. Unknown to many, there are still many confounding controversies and issues that are surrounding the institution and its members. The military is a group that is composed of different people with various demographics and personalities. Differences could bring about standing conflicts and issues that are bogging and affecting overall military operations somehow.

There are just too many concerns and woes. It is best for men and women in the service to be silent and address issues effectively on their own. In history, issues have troubled the institution, which has also succeeded in taking reforms and introducing measures that are considered solutions to problems and compromising situations. Here are several of the most usual and heavy-weighing issues that have always been thrown to the way of the military.

Women in the military

Since time immemorial, there always has been a double standard with regards to the entry of women to the military service. In the past, the practice was not allowed. But because it is the modern times, more and more women are getting into the service. They have been proving that there should not be any issue in their participation.

For the longest time, roles played by women in the military have always been full of controversies. This is despite the various roles they have been playing in the armies of the recent societies. Their role in the armed forces, especially in combat has always been scrutinized and highly publicized. It was only in the recent times that have been awarded the right to take prominent roles especially in the contemporary and current military structure. In fact, more and more countries are now starting to further expand roles played and assumed by women in their respective militaries. Thus, the debates about womens equal rights in the military continue.

Gay men and women in the service

Some fresh news before we get started on this one. In 2009, a 22-year old gay man got the chance to be featured in the front cover of the prestigious Armed Forces of the UK magazine. That was nine years after the gay ban on the local military was lifted. Still, the news about the gay solider on the magazine became a hot issue. That means that people are still considering presence of gay men and women in service a big deal. Or they could be just being trivial. Either way, it is important to note that the military is evolving. It is continuously improving itself to be better and more righteous in the eyes of all people.

Is there issue on sexuality of soldiers? There are, apparently. Many people still think gay men and effeminate and are weaker compared to heterosexuals. The issue of decency and promiscuity is also raised. But through time, it has been proven that there is no valid basis for such concerns. Gay men and women are equally competitive, competent, strong, decent, and reliable just like their straight counterparts and colleagues. They could very well help bolster the image and functionality of the armed forces.

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