Romantic Relationships in the Armed Forces

Is it possible for military personnel to fall in love with each other while on duty? You must be watching too much daytime soap operas or fictional movies. The idea of falling in love while under the military service is somehow unique and challenging, needless to say romantic. There is no need to touch on issues of homosexuality. While there are speculated cases of same-sex relationships and intimacies, straight or heterosexual relationships could happen. That is because women are now allowed to enter the military. It is not in any way surprising.

It has always been raised that inclusion of women in the service could possibly disrupt esprit de corps of any combat unit. In the past, this was one of the main reasons why women were not allowed to participate in front-line combat operations. Romantic relationships could also arise between men and women in the front lines. When this happens, their focus and motivation is disrupted. The effect: their overall performance could be affected to the negative. Relationships, particularly the romantic types, are also calling for too many arguments between men and women. In the process of such romantic fights, the duty and responsibility to the profession could inevitably suffer.

Does it happen? It is possible so there is no doubt it could occur. While on duty, men and women in service could be attracted with each other. Their remoteness from their respective families and loved ones could make them grow closer together. Men and women fall in love even at the direst and most unique circumstances. Where there is danger, there is excitement and love. Love sprouts at the most unexpected venues and that could be in the place of duty. There is no direct policy or provision that prohibits men and women in the military service to fall in love with each other.

What if the love goes to intimacy? It could be more complicated. Human psychology has it that sexual activities and tension could very well affect concentration and focus at work. Both men and women could be at fault here. Their colleagues could also find it somehow awkward that they are intimate while in line of duty. The issue of privacy could also be raised. Because they are in groups, there could be more embarrassment and awkwardness when it comes to issues that touch on the privacy of intimate, romantic moments.

There is another form of love in the armed forces. This one is nobler and more essential. It is love of country. Military men and women should have that undying and unconditional love to the state and to the profession so that they could perform and do their duties better. No other form of love could exceed that, at least in the military.

This kind of love governs every action related to the post and the job commitment. If you are aiming to join the armed forces, assess yourself and find out if you have it. If you do, then you are more than qualified to apply in the service.

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