Scholarships for US Armed Forces Recruits

The military is always in need of quality, smart, and courageous people. That is why high importance is bestowed to armed forces recruitment. It is jut logical that the US military is offering many perks and privileges to students who would decide to join the service and enroll in the military training schools and centers around. There are recruiting programs in place that include various scholarships that are exclusively offered to students who are aiming to get into the military. Some of such programs and offerings are provided to students who are sons or daughters of military men or women.

The Montgomery GI Bill is on top of the list of such programs. Under the program, the Army, Air Force, Navy, Coast Guard, and Marine Corps are mandated to provide and offer cash education as incentives to encourage students to join then serve our of duty. The scholarship program provides for up to three years (36 months in all) of educational benefits and assistance for college, technical, business, and vocational courses. The program is also extended to job training and apprenticeship, flight training, and even correspondence courses. The benefits of the program could also be used by military personnel while in active duty or right after an honorable discharge.

The Armed Forces Tuition Assistance program enables enlisted service members to enroll in specific course in accredited universities, colleges, high schools, and even technical centers. This scholarship program could shoulder up to full of overall costs of courses and up to another full of costs in obtaining a high school education. The branches of the US military could also provide tuition assistance to add to what a scholar may already receive from the Montgomery program discussed above. To qualify for the program, you should agree to serve the government or the military for at least six years.

Student Loan Repayment Program is aiming to help students to avoid problems regarding tuition fees. There could be cumulative caps on amount repaid. The requirement could be easier to attain. You just need to score at least 50 on the qualifying exam to be facilitated. The program should be requested and processed at the time of enlistment or in some cases reenlistment. Eligible loans could be covered, but not defaulted loans of students. Payments made under the program could be categorized at taxable income.

Community College of the US Air Force offers two-year education assistance to enlisted personnel. The program is offering different specific scholarships that would eventually climb up to owning an associate degree in up to 70 technical and scientific fields. The program could shoulder about 100% of the overall expenses of college courses made through the Tuition Assistance Program.

It is not a problem get an education now. Most of the scholarships provided by the military would require equivalent number of years of services in the Armed Forces. It could never be a bad deal. If you are a little tight on the budget or you are short of it, apply for scholarships now.

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