Standing Arguments about Women in the Armed Forces

Worldwide, women are now allowed to enter military service. Taking the lead from Western cultures like the United States and the United Kingdom, many countries and governments are now recognizing the potential and helpful role women could take in the armed forces. However, it is not surprising that their presence in the military is still a cause for controversy and debates. Are women supposed to be in the service? Why should not they be? This is the modern age and for some time, feminists have been actively asserting their potential to do what their men counterparts could do.

There are usual arguments that are presented and cited whenever there are debates about women in the military. These arguments were combined from those who favor entry of women in the military and from those who oppose the idea. Take note that most of such arguments are focusing on physical issues, differing mentalities, and gender sensitivity. Here are several of those most commonly used and cited arguments.

Physical issues

In general, nature made women anatomy different compared to men. Thus, many argue that women are not as physically strong as men. So how could they be effective in combatant situations? It is also a fact that womenís skeletons are less dense, more prone to possible breakage. In aviation, it could be that womenís bodies would also not be very adept in handling increased g-forces as experienced and encountered by combat pilots. Health issues are not far behind. Many submarine services cite this aspect as a usual reason why they avoid hiring women soldiers. A study has found that female soldiers are smaller and shorter on the average than men with a 50% less upper body strength and up to 30% less aerobic capacity.

Psychological concerns

Many conventional and conservative soldiers assert that they could not in any way easily trust women soldiers to perform duties that require trust on fellow soldiers. Romantic relationships that could possibly arise are also being taken against women. Such relationships between men and women in operations could possible disrupt any unitís capability to fight. There is also a fear that women might suddenly get pregnant during the height of a combat operation. Some people could not help but cite the psychological and emotional swings that are experienced by women during or around their monthly periods. Women are also known to be far more emotional and soft than men.

Discrimination and tradition

Exclusion of women in military combat tasks is considered by many as the last bastion of gender or sex discrimination. Many believe that female soldiers are forbidden to take part in major roles in the armed forces due to the prevailing traditionalist views of military as a profession. Thus, many of such people could argue that the equal opportunities legislations should not apply to the military.

But is it the modern times. Despite these issues, it should be noted that women are still very much welcome in the military, which is starting to openly appreciate their role in succeeding military services.

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