The Armed Forces and Women: What a Long Journey

Women have been trying to enter the armed forces in many parts of the world for the longest time. In history, it is noted that the initiative could be traced back to about 4,000 years. The role of women also differed throughout different nations and cultures. It should also be noted that women have been playing various roles in the armed forces, from warrior women in the ancient times to women officers who are now serving in conflicts. They are also given the opportunity to take part in combatant operations in the military. An example of which is the previous war in Iraq.

The role of women in the military has always been full of controversies. This is despite the various roles they have been playing in the armies of the recent societies. Their role in the armed forces, especially in combat has always been scrutinized and highly publicized. It was only in the recent times that have been awarded the right to take prominent roles especially in the contemporary and current military structure. In fact, more and more countries are now starting to further expand roles played and assumed by women in their respective militaries. Thus, the debates about women’s equal rights in the military continue.

Role of women in combatant positions have gone contentious in contemporary military settings. That is throughout the globe. Many countries still exclude them in their military bodies. However, women are in fighting mode. It seems that they would never cease and give up to further prove their worth and potential in handling positions and responsibilities that were once excusive to men. They seem to be always in competition with men, though they say time and again that competing is not their agenda, but service is.

It was only in 1989 that the first woman soldier was assigned to finally command American soldiers in an actual military battle. It was the invasion of Panama. The woman was tasked to lead a force that consisted of 30 men and women. Then, the Gulf War in 1991 served as a pivotal period for women’s role in the US Armed Forces.

This time, women soldiers were fully commanding attention of the world. There were numerous women in the military. Up to 40,000 women have been serving in almost each role offered by the military. Many came under fire, but still a number of them were not allowed to take part in the most deliberate ground engagements. But now, American women soldiers are obviously in full swing.

In the United Kingdom, it was in 1992 that women organizations in the military were disbanded. Then, women officers and soldiers were effectively distributed and scattered across units where men soldiers have been actively serving. In the 21st century, no less than the media is emphasizing the women’s role in armed forces as mothers of the military.

Today, many more British women are aiming to join the ranks of military men. Women power truly lives. Perhaps, women have proven themselves right when they assert that what men could do, they could also do.

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