The Sea Armed Forces

The armed forces of every nation make it a point that all areas are properly covered. The land mass are being taken cared by the army or foot soldiers while the skies are being diligently patrolled by the air force which leaves the seas in the capable hands of the navy. Letís take a look at some concepts regarding this service from the US Armed Forces.

The United States Navy or simply USN is regarded as the sea brand of the US forces. As per documentations done on December 31, 2008 the US Navy is comprised of 331,682 personnel in active duty and about 124,000 that is part of the Navy Reserve. It is equipped with 283 ships utilized in active service and a stacking figure of 3,700 aircrafts. The USN boasts of having the largest battle fleet per tonnage in the world. It is even stronger and more powerful than the next thirteen combined altogether. It is also in possession of the largest carrier fleet which is at eleven and one being under construction.

The Navy is a descendant of the Continental Navy which was founded during the period of the American Revolutionary War. After the war, the Navy was separated from its mother organization. It is the US Constitution that provides the legal basis for a sea-oriented form of military service and has given Congress the power for provision and maintenance of a navy.

Congress had to act when the problem regarding Barbary Coast pirates started to plague the business and enterprise around American shipping. It passed a certain Naval Act of 1794 which triggered the construction and maintenance of six frigates. The ships provided were utilized to put a halt at the detrimental pirate activity within the Coast of Barbary. During the 20th century American seaborne and naval capacity was fully showcased via the tour of the Great White Fleet in 1907 up to 1909.

At present the USN maintains its grasp of global power and leadership by having deployments across the globe. The involved areas are East Asia, the Middle East, and the Mediterranean. The US Navy has been consistently described as being a blue water entity with the competency and capability to induce force in various regions around the world. It is highly regarded as moving force that propagates the advancement of peace while ably responding to times of regional crises. These are reasons why it is an integral part of American foreign and defense policy.

The management and administration of the United States Navy is handled by the Department of Navy which is under the authority of the Secretary of the Navy. The Department of the Navy is an important division of the Department of Defense. The Chief of Naval Operations can be determined via the ranking of naval offices.

As an organization, the Navy aims to maintain, train, equip naval forces that should have the capacity to win wars, stop aggression, and maintain freedom within the seas. It is also obligated to defend and protect the US and its allies and facilitate ease of movement throughout the oceans. The Navy is a vital cog in keeping the armed forces of the US in good and smooth running condition.

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