What is Armed Forces Day?

Members of the armed forces of every country need to be honored and admired for committing their lives to protect the interest of the people and the government. Some people and governments consider members of the organization as living heroes. No one could contest the fact that soldiers are considered as important elements of the society. Governments would do anything just to honor and acknowledge the heroism and dedication of the members of the body. This is the reason why a special day is dedicated to soldiers annually. This is the main reason why there is Armed Forces Day.

What is Armed Forces Day? It is a special day assigned for the commemoration and recognition of soldiers’ unique and necessary sacrifices for the good of all. Many countries and governments all over the planet are holding annual Armed Forces Day as a way of venerating and honoring their respective military forces. Thus, the day is considered an important and emotional one for many soldiers. They are human, too. They have basic needs and they have families who are always standing behind them through thick and thin. In many cases, the day is used not just to honor the soldiers but also to honor the families and people that are behind them along the way.

Most countries celebrate Armed Forces Day, although there are differences to the timing and the manner. In some nations, the day is considered a public holiday, while in others, the day is special but not declared a special public holiday. Strong countries with bases in select regions and countries try to make it a point to have their base soldiers celebrate the day on the commemoration back home. Some countries have specific dates for the celebration, while others designate certain weekends of specific months for the day.

In the United Kingdom, the first Armed Forces Day was celebrated on June 27, 2009. The day replaced the Veterans’ Day, which in turn was first celebrated in 2006. Why the date? June 27 is also the anniversary of the Victoria Cross investiture ceremony. From then on, the country is allotting significant celebrations for the day. The first celebration of the day was held at Chatham Historic Dockyard, attended by no less than the Prime Minister and other officials of the government.

The United States is more sentimental of its veneration to its soldiers. It has been celebrating and commemorating Armed Forces Day since 1949. Every year, the country vows to its soldiers every third Saturday of May. The date also commemorates the consolidation of the US Department of Defense’s military services. The celebration is usually observed through staging of parades, air shows, receptions, and open houses. In 2009, the country observed its 50th Armed Forces Day. The celebration centered in Torrance, California, where there was the longest-running commemoration co-sponsored by the city.

In other parts of the world, Armed Forces Day is much publicized and commemorated. Nations and governments obviously recognize the significant contribution of soldiers to the society and to nations as whole.

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