Issues And Problems About Astrology

Current and longstanding issues on the subject of astrology consist of a wide range of arguments about its negative, destructive nature in general, as well as negative, destructive practices which are alleged to be associated with it. While on the practical end of the spectrum one might be duly cautioned about such factors as unscrupulous individuals who claim to be knowledgeable and professional in the field of astrology while in fact are nothing more than con-artists attempting to scam curious and/or desperate potential clients into paying for their services, an equally-valid argument about the practice of astrology is that a person may be prone to becoming dependent, and using it in a negative manner, such as using "what the horoscope says" to rationalize or justify wrongful behavior and traits which they should be attempting to change.

However, in discussing arguments against the belief in and practice of astrology, there is nothing that holds more weight, power, and expressing of influence, than that of the religious sector known as Christian Fundamentalism. Although both the Old and the New Testaments contain detailed references to the belief in and practice of astrology, the fundamentalist interpretations of the subject are decidedly different from the references written in the Bible. While the Biblical references to astrology range, in various parts and situations, from pointless and benevolent to wrong to powerful, fundamentalism takes the angle that astrology is not only Godless but one-hundred-percent evil and demonically-inspired.

Preferring to categorize astrology in the same terms as other forms of the occult and supernatural phenomenon, Christian Fundamentalism believes and teaches that practices as simple as reading one's horoscope in the daily newspaper is a matter of opening oneself up to the evil spirits known as demons. Fundamentalists believe that in practicing astrology one is making himself to be a channel for demons and, therefore, open to all of the power and influence of satan himself.

Fundamentalist Christians place astrology in the same category as sorcery and enchantment, connecting the same negative view to all of these subjects. They state that if a person dabbles in astrology, he will soon find himself under the control of a "strange, evil power," ultimately becoming fatalistic and unconcerned about the prospect of his own death.

While some passages in the Bible may speak of the impotent nature of astrology, such as stating that an astrologer does not even have the power to save himself, much less anyone else; and that when relying on astrology one's focus shifts away from his reliance on God, it is generally just the fundamentalist segment of the population which deems the entire concept to be evil, and choosing to be influenced and led by satan. It may be interesting to note that the Bible itself, even where clearly stating the potentially-negative aspects of astrology, does not make any such connections.

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