The Best-Kept Secrets About Astrology

The best-kept "secret" about astrology is that astrology is something which is open to all people, regardless of age, gender, background, belief, or any other factors. Not only is astrology not as mystifying nor complicated as it may appear on the surface, therefore allowing access to this fascinating topic to anyone who is interested, astrology will provide a nearly-limitless amount of information and help to anyone who desires it. All it takes is interest, determination, and the willingness to both learn and put what one learns into positive action. While on the surface astrology may appear intimidating with its charts and mathematical data, the essentials of astrology can be easily understood and put into action by anyone and everyone. One does not need to be intellectually-gifted or specially trained in any way in order to begin a personal journey into astrology and reap the benefits of all it has to offer.

In astrology being universally-accessible, this also means that despite popular view it is not contrary to most people's current beliefs-systems. While those on some "spiritual paths" may embrace astrology more fervently than others, in fact astrology being an integral part of some spiritual paths, there are very few current established beliefs-systems which frown upon or actually forbid the practice of astrology.

Many people mistakenly believe that believing in astrology as a fact or the practice of it is "against" their particular religion; in most cases, however, this is not true. While even routine church-goers or preachers of most mainstream, Biblically-based religions may hold this point of view, it is interesting and refreshing to learn that this opinion is not based in fact.

Kabbalah, which is the oldest and most wide-spread aspect of Jewish mysticism, relies strongly on astrology, both in belief and in practice. It is considered to be a positive aspect of both religion and of life; and it is something which those who are deeply committed to their Jewish faith are encourage to learn about. Astrology is seen as a worthwhile means of learning to better understand oneself, the world in general, and how we are connected to our world. Rather than being contradictory to one's faith, astrology is a very large part of it. Whatever can assist us in our process of learning and understanding is a good thing.

Amongst the Christian religions, astrology generally has a bad reputation. At the very least it is considered to be a means of bypassing God and, instead, relying on something other than God. Those who hold this opinion have apparently missed the numerous passages in the Bible which clearly use the terms, for they are not presented in a negative manner.

At its worst, some of Christian belief hold the notion that astrology is demonic in nature, and directly influenced by satan. This erroneous notion is based on the opinion that anything which is not directly connected to God must be connected to his opposing forces; it is similarly based on the belief that anything of an extraordinary nature must be suspect.

The field of astrology, therefore, is open to nearly anyone who wishes to learn about it. In doing so, you will be presented with wonderful opportunities for a much deeper understanding of yourself and your world!

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