Uses for Astrology

Many people feel that astrology is for entertainment only or is frivolous with no uses whatsoever. However, there are actually many reasonable and accurate uses for astrology. These uses can be for daily life, or for special occasions or decisions.

One of the uses for astrology is as old as civilization. Astrology has long been used to determine the best times for planting and harvest in farming and other agriculture. Astrology has also been used to determine the best time for slaughter for cattle and other breeding practices.

Another use for astrology is planning the future. You can easily plan for the future when you have some idea of what that future holds. While astrology is far from specific in the nature of its predictions, astrology can indeed predict certain variables or sentiments that you will need to deal with in the future.

For example, many astrologists were aware that something terrible was about to happen in September of 2001. While astrology was not specific enough to tell exactly what would happen, it was clear that death and destruction were near at hand. These astrologists urged everyone they knew to take heed of their warnings, stop all travel, and stay in their homes. Those that listened are still alive today.

Another use for astrology is in planning daily activities. Certain astrological phenomena, planetary alignments, and moon signs are good for particular activities. Some of these phenomena influence our lives to the point where no activity is best. Knowing the difference can greatly improve your life.

For example, if you know that the moon sign is making you overly emotional for a few days, you can actively choose not to make major decisions during that time. In this way, you will avoid making costly decisions that are hard to reverse later. Additionally, certain planetary alignments can influence your career for prosperity. When you are aware of these times you can know when to ask for a raise or try for a promotion.

You can also use these astrological influences to help you in your relationships and dealings with others. When you understand how astrology influences your life and the life of others it will become clear when to fight your battles and when to stand by and wait to resolve the issue. You will also be better able to determine when emotions are running high versus when a real issue in the relationship exists.

Finally, you can use astrology to plan events. Certain astrological phenomena may influence events toward success or disaster. When you plan a wedding, birth, or other event you can easily ensure success by checking your planned date against astrological phenomena for that time frame. This will help you determine if your date is feasible, or if another date would be more appropriate.

Astrology can also be used to help you enhance the lives of your children. When you interpret astrological birth charts you can gain knowledge of what your child's strengths and weaknesses will likely be as they grow. This will enable you to expose the child to their strengths while helping them overcome their potential weaknesses. This will help the child to grow in ways that you may not be able to help them accomplish without this astrological data.

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