There are various kinds of birth control devices in the market today. Women who don’t need to use pills can use one thing referred to as a diaphragm.

A diaphragm is a shallow, dome formed rubber disk with a versatile rim that matches properly throughout the vagina because it is ready to cowl the cervix which prevents the sperm from each reaching the uterus. It ought to be inserted previous to intercourse and coated with spermicide. The spermicide works by killing the sperm thus making it unimaginable to fertilize the egg.

Women who select to make use of the diaphragm might maintain it in there for 24 hours. You simply have to ensure to insert spermicide each two hours or earlier than participating in sexual activity once more.

The common rule for utilizing this gadget is that it have to be saved in place for the following 6 hours after intercourse earlier than it’s eliminated.

Before you insert the diaphragm, it’s best to empty your bladder and wash your arms with soap and water. The gadget itself ought to be checked for leaks by filling it with water or holding up within the gentle. If every thing appears to be like good, that is the time that you just apply spermicide on the interior and outer layers of the diaphragm. The most necessary is across the rim.

The consumer will then insert this by standing with one meals elevated utilizing a chair or step, whereas mendacity down or squatting. The diaphragm have to be folded inward in direction of the center and inserted into the vagina so far as potential.

The diaphragm birth control system can not shield you 100% from getting pregnant. It additionally can not shield you from sexually transmitted ailments resembling Chlamydia, gonorrhea, herpes or HIV.

There are benefits and downsides of utilizing the diaphragm.

The benefit of utilizing one is that it’s simple to insert and take away and your sexual companion won’t even really feel it throughout intercourse.

The drawback of utilizing it’s if the feminine forgets to take away it after 24 hours, she might expertise toxic shock syndrome or TSS. There are additionally unintended effects just like the consumer might expertise an irritation within the vagina or the encompassing pores and skin and there could also be a foul odor.

TSS or toxic shock syndrome is a doubtlessly deadly illness that has been related to this gadget and with vaginal tampons. Some of the signs embrace diarrhea, excessive fever and vomiting.

Diaphragms come in several sizes so this needs to be fitted first earlier than this may be bought by prescription from the drug retailer. Some HMO’s might cowl the acquisition of this gadget and one instance is Medicaid. If you’re a member of one other, it is best to inquire if they may pay for it.

A diaphragm prices round $30 to $50 and have to be changed each 2 years. As for the spermicide, you’ll have to spend about $.50 to $1.50 per use.

When you’re performed utilizing your diaphragm, this needs to be washed with soap and water then left to dry. Afterwards, you need to mud this with corn starch earlier than you set this again into its container. The diaphragm have to be saved in a cool and dry place away from daylight. You must not ever wash it with harsh or perfumed soaps or mud it with perfumed powders as this will likely harm the gadget.

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