Contraception is a time period used to prevent pregnancy. There are different types of them round. Some are utilized by males whereas others are for ladies.

There are two main methods of birth control namely barrier or hormonal. Aside from that, the different sorts embrace sterilization otherwise known as surgery, withdrawal, natural family planning and the easiest which is abstinence.

Let’s discuss every of them.

• The first is the barrier method whereby the male or the feminine makes use of a condom to prevent the sperm from ever coming into the feminine’s uterus. The male condom is available in many manufacturers, coloration and flavors and is often made of latex rubber. This is placed over the penis when it is erect prior to intercourse.

The feminine condom on the different hand is made of polyurethane and is seven inches lengthy. This permits it to shield the cervix, vaginal canal and the quick areas surrounding the vagina. It is inserted into the woman’s vagina additionally prior to intercourse.

• Another barrier is named spermicides. It is a chemical designed to kill sperm and that is out there as foam, jelly, foaming pill and as a vaginal suppository.

• You even have the diaphragm that may be a delicate rubber dome which stretches over a versatile ring that accommodates spermicides in the kind or cream or jelly.

This is placed inside the woman’s vagina and placed over the cervix. Women should take note that this could not keep inside for greater than three hours prior to intercourse.

• The cervical cap is a small cup made of the identical materials as a condom. It can be full of spermicidal cream and inserted into the womens vagina and placed over the cervix.

• The final is the contraceptive sponge which is a delicate saucer formed machine constituted of the identical materials as the feminine condom.

Now that we’ve mentioned the completely different limitations, it’s time to talk about about hormonal birth control methods.

Hormonal units seem in the kind or an implant, patch, capsule or shot. They are designed to prevent the woman’s ovaries from releasing an egg month-to-month, trigger the cervical mucus to thicken so the sperm can have a tough time penetrating the egg or skinny the lining of the uterus which reduces the probabilities of a fertilized egg from ever implanting on the uterus wall.

Some specialists consider that they’re very efficient however they can’t shield you from sexually transmitted diseases or STD’s.

Birth control pills could be acquired out of your well being provider. Depo-Provera is an injection that prices a little bit bit greater than the capsule and might prevent pregnancy for three months. Something related to Depo-Provera is lunelle however this may solely prevent pregnancy for up to one month.

• The Nuva Ring or vaginal ring is a versatile ring that’s inserted into the vagina for 3 weeks earlier than that is eliminated and changed with a brand new one. The ring accommodates chemical substances similar to estrogen and progesterone that releases this into the physique.

• The birth control patch works like the ring because it releases hormones into the body while the IUD is a small plastic device that contains hormones and copper and changes the cervical mucus to lower the probabilities of an egg from fertilizing.

• Withdrawal is simply removing your penis out of the girl’s vagina earlier than ejaculation. Sterilization closes the fallopian tubes completely and that is higher often known as tubal ligation. Men can have the identical factor and that is known as a vasectomy.

• Natural family planning is solely controlling the quantity of children that you really want to have.

• Abstinence is not engaging in sexual intercourse at all that is perhaps the most effective kind of birth control.

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