Is Juvenile Boot Camp a Good Choice for Your Troubled Teen? Many parents nowadays are meeting troubles with their troubled teens. Being expelled from their schools, stowing away from their houses, and taking drugs are only few outcomes from an undisciplined troubled teen. Hence, a parent does not know what can be the best thing to do to correct their child, most often they become helpless to help their troubled teenage child.

It is in these difficult times where a number of parents are leaning towards juvenile boot camps as their option to rescue their child. These juvenile boot camps are said to generate positive outcomes in correcting the path of numerous teens, despite the many claims that these boot camps are a form of child exploitation.

But before you jump into any conclusion, it will be better to orient yourself about the issues where juvenile camps are actually dealing with.

Some of these issues are Oppositional Defiant Disorder; Sudden outbursts; ADD/ADHD; Substance abuse; Uncontrollable anger; Bad influences from friends and running away.

Inside the camps, you can expect that there are stringent, disciplined, and well structured settings, although, you cannot compare it to a church convent.

The price a juvenile boot camp costs however may range from $2,000 and it can still be higher from there. On the other hand, the costs are considered just since boost camps assure the parents and guardians that the defiant teens will be given the help they need, thus, providing good results in the end.

Nonetheless, majority of the juvenile boot camps do not accept teens that are under certain medications. Usually, the boot camps mandate the weaning of teens from their medication.

Anyhow, juvenile boot camps may not be the finest choice. If the teen shows an indication of suicidal tendencies, it is more advisable that you choose a psychiatrist to treat him or her, or you take your child to a residential treatment center.

In addition to these, when it seems that the teen is seriously depressed you can also select a therapeutic boarding school to send them. Most importantly, if the teen tends to hurt themselves already or they are diagnosed to be psychologically impaired, juvenile boot camps will not be the right choice.

These boot camps are still a form of business. Hence, to balance your views here are the few facts that also concerns the programs of juvenile boot camps:

• There are several studies which reveal that some of these teens who have already spent some considerable time in a boot camp still return to their unlawful actions after. The changes then may not be considered long term despite of the follow up counseling and concerns done.

Boot camps requires higher cost compared to detention facilities and probation of the juvenile. The reason behind this is that boot camps normally necessitate more staff, and provide a longer term of stay compared to the other two.

• Face-to-face confrontation that is given to the clients in most of these boot camps are not taken as a proper way to teach an established social behavior. These teens are not very oriented in the models of positive roles. Then, they don’t have the precise knowledge to identify the proper and improper social interaction.

Juvenile boot camps are not necessarily bad although, if you are the parent and you are thinking of sending your troubled teen to a boot camp, you just need to look for a boot camp that provides proper counseling, and of course, the boot camp that do not employ the approach of negative counseling.

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