Small business owners may not think they need a . Small businesses are sometimes caught up in trying to survive and overlook a key element in their success. The can actually come in and determine what the small business owner can do to expand his or her business. The small business owner can benefit just as much from a as a large corporation. There may be times when the sees the big picture when the small business owner can only see the bottom line. The new small business may not feel the added expense of a is worth justifying. In fact this is just the case. The small business can benefit from the in many ways. The may be able to offer an unforeseen income generating avenue. Advertising techniques the small business is using may be proving fruitless. The may be able to implement bluetooth advertising. The small business could target specific clients instead of a general population with his or her advertising dollar. The may be able to suggest point of sale income not thought of by the small business owner. Other elements the could suggest would be repackaging in different sizes, where appropriate. Offering complimenting sales items may have not occurred to the small business owner. The is there to show a different perspective. The will be able to assess the small business and determine what business decisions should be made. He or she can instruct the small business owner of new programs available. The will be able to offer advice as to new technology the small business owner is not taking advantage of. The small business is able to be aided in several ways by the . The is a visionary. He or she can show the small business how to implement innovative business techniques. These techniques may have never been before thought of by the small business owner. The can view the broad scope of things to determine a need by the customer. The small business owner may have no idea these areas of opportunity exist. It is up to the to show the small business what will work and what will not work for the business. Building profits and customer relations are the two key components that make up what the small business is focused upon. A good will be able to integrate these key elements into a plan of action for the small business. The can act as the liaison between the small business and the customer to determine if the needs of the customer are being met. A report can then be generated to determine how the small business can use this information. The small business and it’s customers can benefit from the knowledge a brings to the table. The added expense of a can significantly raise the profits of a small business. It is worth researching whether a will be able to use his or her skills when it comes to a small business.

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