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Another Kind Of Black Belt: Six Sigma Method

Just as effective as a karate black belter is on a competition mat, a Six Sigma black belt is a winner using the Six Sigma method on improving business management strategies. This is the kind of black belt that we’d be talking about here. Six Sigma is a business management process that enables companies to improve and enhance their profitability by making sure that they are serving their consumers the best product possible. Its aim is to regularly present top of the line products and consider customer satisfaction as their priority above all. The so called Six Sigma black belts are the expert individuals who know how to handle and apply the Six Sigma method in a business process or strategy.

These Six Sigma black belts are also considered as Six Sigma experts on a rank. Similar to the rankings used in martial arts, there’s also those who are known as a Green, Yellow, and Master Black belts. Each belt or position has its corresponding expertise, from the more experienced ones to those who finished a Six Sigma course. This may also imply a certification or an achievement.

In a business day, the main priority of the company is its sale, and how to maintain a method that works. Six Sigma is a process that involves a method that helps make manufacturing and production easier, quickly and more efficient to do. For most companies that used this method, Six Sigma had been known to be quite effective.

The Six Sigma experts, such as the black belts, the masters, along with the CEO are offered to apply a Six Sigma process known as the DMAIC or Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control. Each of the steps consists of literary what the acronyms are called. The Six Sigma team is expected to Define the problem at hand, its objective and all that; Measure the causalities involved in the process including the gathering data that may be used as a comparison at the end of the whole process; Analyze the situation and identify possible solutions that can be used to solve the problem at hand; Improve the product and the situation by applying the solutions decided from the previous step; and lastly, when the team had verified the improvements and it works, Control or maintain the enhancements and the process done to improve the product and its manufacturing.

The Six Sigma process or the DMAIC is applied by the management fitting in the right persons to lead the necessary steps. Every group or individual, depending on their expertise are assigned with jobs that most apply to their capacity and capabilities. This step makes sure that the whole process will be carried out by the right persons, guaranteeing an effective, successful management strategy scheme. Putting all that into consideration, and everything in its rightful place, there’s no denying how valuable the Six Sigma could be for every type of business.

All you need to remember here is to make sure that the objective is achieved, and that the whole idea, including the process, the problem, and all the studies necessary is considered before jumping into the Six Sigma method. Preparation still makes a good key point, and a schematic approach would prove useful in the entire application in business controls.

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