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Six Sigma Methodology: Your Recipe For Success

Motorola was the first one that introduced the Six Sigma way. However, the said methodology was considered to have started with the mathematical related Bell Curve idea during the 1800s. The method is all about defining variations and limits. Its main purpose is to improve the business performance, design and specific areas by using a strategic business process involved in the Six Sigma method. The Six Sigma’s main objective is to reach at least a minimum of 3.4 defects out of a million opportunities. Putting that in an example: Say your business is all about delivering fast food take outs. If the customer expects your establishment to deliver the goods within 30 minutes after it was ordered, and you’re able to do so at a continuous rate, then you’re doing the Six Sigma right. In other words, the Six Sigma helps you achieve this rate to continuously satisfy your customers. It will allow you to deliver 99.999% accurately by defining obstacles and how to achieve the said time limit correctly. Your business is only allowed to deliver late 3.4 times out of a million deliveries. The Six Sigma method has its process that involves planning, defining the problem, analyzing the situation, and correcting or improving it before heading for its implementation or service. Six Sigma has some sort of six phases. If your delivery service gets to deliver only 68% correctly, then your company is only considered to be working at One Sigma. By following the process more accurately, you should be able to improve until you’ve reached the Six Sigma phase. Remember that customers are more likely to acknowledge the perfect service sometimes more than the product itself. This is why customer satisfaction should always be every company’s priority. What’s great about the Six Sigma way is that its method can also be adopted in every aspect of your business, not only on the delivery stage. Areas such as the product development, management, human resource and all that can also be planned using the Six Sigma method. When placed in the right areas, run by Six Sigma experts, your business is sure to run smoothly and effectively. Another high point with this is that, it is actually quite easy to find Six Sigma experts even online, or you can have the option to learn it yourself. However, a lot of effort and experience is needed to completely be an expert. It’s still best that you hire or acknowledge the help of real experts to guarantee success using the Six Sigma method. At the end of all the planning and the implementation, you’ll realize lesser efforts, more profit, better products and services that are worth everything you’ve worked for. If you’re serious about making your business work, then you should probably consider using this method.

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