If you’re new to credit card repair, don’t’ despair. It’s not that to understand what this is about. And neither will the instructions and tips here be impossible to figure out. May people think, mistakenly, that so long as they keep paying bills on a timely manner, their credit status will be fine. But sometimes we fall back on hard and harder times, and we miss out on payment and end up with the need to do some credit repair. We all want a good credit status. So the more one knows about repairing one’s credit status the better.

Right now the economy is hurting, credit card companies are feeling the pinch, and the lending sector is frozen solid for people who need to borrow to sustain their needs. Keep that in mind as it maybe a bit harder this time around to pull back from the abyss of having spent so much, much more than one can earn. Here are important aspects of credit repair concept you should know about.

Your credit score. This is not merely another figure. Your credit score is affected by many things and so you try to avoid those that negatively affect it and find out and implement those that improve it. Improving your score can involve some action on your side and from other people who trust you.

One way to pull up your credit score is to persuade some relatives to put you on the list of people authorized to use their credit cards. It’s a good mark on your report when a credit company sees that. That usually means someone trusts you enough to let them use their credit card. That means either financial stability or some discipline in spending.

Your credit reports. You need to be aware of the accurate score, so to speak, of you transactions, from your credit card company or companies. Knowing where you stand allows you to plan ahead and provide you with some calmness in facing the storm, or the rehab process if you’ve spent more than your income and maxed out a few credit cards.

Usually you are entitled to a free credit report, just ask for it. When you do get it, though, read it cover to cover and try to have a list of questions about what you’re not clear about concerning your report. That will save time in phoning your credit card company and asking questions or talking about your disputes.

Creditors and collection companies. You have to keep the lines of communicati