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Flock in Today’s Fad: The Fitness Boot Camp

The term “boot camp” is originally used in pertaining to training camps. This term is taken from the arduous footwear given to the boot camp’s trainees. The boot camp is designed for different particular purposes and can last for several weeks.

But today, boot camp has turned into a craze; the term may be used to refer to any phase of social life. There are boot camps for juveniles, for military, for brides and so on. Here the members are being trained to progress in their situation for their upcoming responsibilities.

The fitness boot camps are one of the recent fads in the modern world of health-conscious. The people nowadays prefer to go to fitness boot camps rather than to gyms or to just exercise at home.

Hence, fitness boot camps nowadays are generating more and more profits, joining the list of the many money-ranking businesses in the industry.

The reason behind this is the power-filled workouts that the boot camp provides just within an hour. People are usually driven by the efficient time usage that will be spent in fitness boot camps. The members will only spend a one-hour duration of exercise regimen in the camp, though they will come numerous times each week.

The classes start with basic warm-up exercises such as squatting, walking on the treadmill, and sit-ups. Normally, the class will be divided into groups; each group will exchange their exercises. The purpose of this is to avoid the monotony. Just as the class advances, the exercises are turned to be more complex.

Oftentimes, the people who join fitness boot camps perceive it to be very strenuous at first. But after several meetings, they would realize the benefits that the boot camp can give them, they would then decide to stay.

However, not everyone who wishes to join fitness boot camps are allowed to join in. The strenuous exercises may not be able to be met by the persons who have some illnesses. Health experts suggested that would-be clients secure a medical checkup and a certification first before they can join a fitness boot camp.

People with weak hearts are not fitted in a boot camp. The instructors are frequently callous, shouting, and scolding those who cannot follow the exact instructions.

In addition to this, there is also punishment for those who are late comers—more exercises. And the instructors normally give people the utmost workout possible at the end of each meeting.

Fitness boot camps are often run by retired navy and army personnel, they either build their own camps or they just use open-air areas such as beaches or parks.

Those exercises that are being done in open areas, especially those that are bordered by nature, are considered by most, in providing more value to the activity.

Although, compared to gyms, fitness boot camps require more amount of money to be enrolled in. A class that comprises 20 hours will range from $200 to $250; the costs will depend on the class location and status.

Majority of people who joins fitness boot camps achieve total satisfaction with the results. Though the common problem that is encountered here is the strenuous methods employed.

In today’s time, where the single “tik” of the clock matters so much, it will be more practical for someone to join fitness boot camps to achieve a quality work-out for faster results.

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