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How to Do Your Boot Camp Workout

Some people get tired of the ordinary workouts that they have to go through each day to reduce weight or to strengthen their bodies and muscles. Some even go the extent of virtually killing themselves during workouts, just as soldiers do. But that is not how you should do it. In fact, you can actually devise your very own workout to suit your own pace. Many people today are finding boot camps as a good way to do their workout. Boot camp workouts involve your whole body, from head to foot, and this is done without rest periods. Here, you can work your muscles and heart extensively within a limit. Exercises include calisthenics such as push-ups, crunches, and jumping tracks. However, this is very much different from traditional exercises because of the intensity of the workout. The ultimate challenge when it comes to boot camp workout is to bring your whole body to the highest possible limit. This simply means that you workout your body to sweat and burn calories. Here are a few reasons why many people choose to do a boot camp workout compared to other workouts: - it helps your body burn lots of unwanted calories - fun - efficient - challenging - easily fits your busy schedule So how do you start a boot camp workout? First, you must get a warm up of about five to ten minutes. Do a walking exercise or a simply march in place. The next series of exercises should be performed as lengthily as possible. Start with thirty seconds and increase it little by little. You can even modify the exercise. Before proceeding to another exercise, inhale deeply and catch some breath first. You can also cool down if you feel tired with the stretching or a light cardio as long as you don’t stop moving. Sip or drink water as you do your workout. Keep a close monitor of the intensity of your workout. Start the exercise with six repetitions of squat-thrust and to recover your breath count 8 (march in place), and repeat the exercise six times. Next, you must do a slow push up with your abs in and your back out. Do four push ups, and for the fifth, lower your body and hold (for four counts). Repeat it for five times. Then its time to do a walking lunge; step your right leg about three feet, bend your knees at an angle (90 degrees), and lunge your body forward, do the same with your left foot. You can do this by walking from end to another. You can do this for about eight reps. Jumping jacks is not very hard to do; you can do 20, then march in place (8 counts), and then do another twenty. If you feel you can exceed twenty, then do so. Side lunge, this is like the walking lunge, only you do it towards your side. You must do at least sixteen reps for each side. Then do chests squeeze by holding a ball on your chest's front. Followed by a ski jump, march again in place, plank, high jogs, and then finally, do slow push ups. It is best to consult first an expert in boot camp workouts so that you'll know that you're doing it the right way. Improper exercise can do your body more harm than good.

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