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Surviving the Marine Boot Camps Trainings

Those lean, strong, and hearty looks of Marine boot camp survivors are envied by a number of persons, and it won’t be so surprising if you are one of them. Probably you are also dreaming to have that kind of look in you. Well, that is not impossible; the basic training of these Marines in their boot camps is the spell that you need to turn that dream into a reality.

Marine boot camps are intended for the training of prospective marines. These are being done in San Diego, South Carolina and Parris Island. The courses here are intended for the recruits for training in physical fitness, management skills, discipline, technical knowledge, and wide-ranging ability of the lives of the Marines.

The fundamental training program is made-up of 13 week of training courses, and then followed by training in infantry. The location of this infantry training is at North Carolina for the trainees of Paris Island, Camp Pendleton, and California for the trainees of San Diego, and Camp Geiger.

The training in a Marine boot camp, however, is not solely for the physical but as well as for the mental aspect. The recruits are trained on Marines’ fundamental moral values such as valor, life-honor, and commitment. Also, they are restrained to make any form of communication to any of their family members and friends.

In addition, the recruits are also trained the indispensable life of the Marines, and confinement in the camp. It is indeed a difficult and taxing process to convert a recruit to a toughened marine.

The initial step in the marine boot camp is the receiving of the recruits. Recruits are given orientation regarding the life that they would be having inside the boot camp, then after, they will be given a kit, toiletries, as well as a haircut if needed.

There will be a medical examination, and then the recruits will be asked to perform certain exercises, such as running, pull-ups, and others to find out their physical abilities.

The forming follows when the recruits meet their instructors. At this phase the recruits are taught the fundamentals in marching plus the discipline they would be needing.

After forming, the recruits will go to the drills. Here, the recruits will be working together in shifting from one place to the other. In this process, the Marines will find out the essentials of Marine lives’ harmonization.

After that, the period for Physical Training will begin. Here, the recruits will experience to be guarded by their instructor who will be standing on the table while they are doing their exercises. Included here are the virtues of Marine decision-making, courtesy, discipline etc., which are planted on the minds of the recruits in this phase.

Then after, they will approach the most taxing phase — the Crucible. At this stage, the recruits will be denied sleep and sufficient food, much more, they will be ordered to march for about 40 miles, with obstacles along the way.

But the tests are not all about their physical strength but their attitude as well. Here, they will determine who are willing to help their fellow marines to survive despite of the sacrifices. And for most of the boot camp survivors, this phase is the most memorable stage of the training.

When the recruits pass the entire physical tests and final training, they will graduate to be marines. The ceremony will be conducted on Shepard Field Parade Deck with their families and friends witnessing the fresh marines receiving their awards as members of the US Marines, the proud and the few.

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