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Disadvantages of Online College Degrees

Most students who are taking online college degrees rave about convenience when they enroll in such programs. Yes, it is true that earning a college degree online is convenient. But in reality, it is not without disadvantages. Of course, every good thing has its own set of pros and cons. In the case of online college degrees, most people tend to overlook at the disadvantages as there are obviously more advantages. However, as the students go on and continue on the online education effort, they become surprised to know that online distance education also has its own sets of cons. While it is true that online college degrees are advantageous, the disadvantages could not be easily set aside. Students learn along the way that the road to earning a college degree is truly a dirt or rough road to take. Of course, every important thing in this world should be attained through hard work and sheer determination. Here are several of the known disadvantages of taking online college degrees. It takes so long to complete a college degree. This could not be blamed to the present curriculum but to the pacing that online students take. Online college degrees tend to concentrate all the pressure to students as it is their own convenience and time that they take. The usual scenario is that most online students tend to take it slowly. They could not be blamed for it because most of them have daytime jobs to attend to. They are also busy with so many other things. Studies suffer. Thus, instead of completing a degree in a prescribed period, most online students tend to extend their student lives. They tend to procrastinate. Most online college degrees are not free. Who says a college degree could be attained these days for free? Online college degrees are convenient and are home-based but they are not entirely free. Students still need to register and pay required fees and charges. Of course, online schools need to pay salaries to their staff and facilitators. They could not source out funds to continue their operations but from students. A reliable Internet connection is required. Online students are required to have access to a reliable or fast online connection. They are advised to own and use PCs at home. This is to make sure they could get connected regularly and access all the online lectures, modules, and learning activities. It is assumed that online students are highly proficient and capable of using the computer and navigating online. It is not the problem of online institutions anymore if students have problems accessing and utilizing computers. There are many fake online universities. When enrolling in any of the available online college degrees available, make sure that the online school is legal and is truly existent. It may help if you would check any accreditation of the school to any student and college regulating body in your locality. Many online students are victimized by fake and unaccredited online college institutions.

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