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The Confucius Family Tree – The World’s Longest


A household tree is usually a graphic illustration of household relationships that go deeper by generations. There are completely different household tree sorts used at the moment. Some charts provide extra detailed info, and never merely embrace the names, start or demise dates of the members of the family. Here’s a have a look at the household tree of one of many world’s most well-known personalities, Confucius, the Chinese thinker and educator

Who Was Confucius?

Okay’ung-tzu, pinyin, Okay’ung-fu-tzu. Confucius was a well-known Chinese thinker and thinker, whose teachings and values cornered on correctness of social relationships, justice, sincerity, private and authorities morality. His teachings and values grew to become fashionable, and gained prominence in China from the Han Dynasty, as much as at the moment. His ideas and beliefs have been developed right into a system of philosophy known as Confucianism, which was launched in Europe by an Italian Jesuit priest named Matteo Ricci. Fr Ricci additionally coined Okay’ung-fu-tzu’s Latin title as Confucius.

The Confucius’ Family Tree Keeps On Growing

Confucius has been lifeless for greater than 2,000 years, however his household surprisingly retains on rising. His descendants proceed to flourish in China and all all over the world. The newest model of his household tree has tripled in dimension, and the method of registering new members to his household tree was accomplished in 1007, and the variety of up to date members now stands at greater than two million.

The World’s Longest Family Tree

In 1998, a seventh era descendant of Confucius, Kong Deyong, started the registration course of for brand spanking new members of this illustrious Chinese thinker’s household tree. Kong arrange a committee in Hong Kong, and 450 branches have been additionally set-up all over the world, to help within the effort. The final revision of the well-known Chine sage’s household tree was made in 1930, and that point it included solely 600,000 members. Compared with earlier variations, the brand new and up to date household tree will embrace for the primary time feminine and abroad descendants. The Confucius household tree is thought to be the world’s longest, and has recorded greater than 80 generations of his household.

The residing member of Confucius’ household tree paid 5 Yuan or 70 US cents for official registration. The committee additionally included most of the deceased members, supplied their descendants can present doc to show they really did belong to the tree, or if they’ll present a collateral household tree that conforms to the Confucius family tree.

Centuries after his demise, his followers and adherents organized his teachings into the Analects, and in just a few years after, the Analects and different core teachings have been constituted to kind the philosophical system which is now referred to as Confucianism. A unique type of Confucianism was additionally believed to have held sway and affect over a big swath of nations, from China, Korea and Vietnam, till the 1800’s.

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