Travel Insurance

The Main Reasons Why You Need Insurance

Most of us forget to book a travel insurance policy when going on a trip. It is one of the most ignored insurance policies as most of us are not able to anticipate the risk that may arise on a trip. It is only seen as an extra expense that pointlessly goes out of our pockets. If you take into consideration the benefits of buying a travel insurance plan you would know how it will protect you against all the possible risks. If you would know the risks covered by a travel insurance policy you would never give it a miss. If you are going on an international trip, you can look at an international travel insurance policy. And if you are going on a trip to the country, you can buy a domestic travel insurance plan . You can easily compare best travel insurance online. You cannot predict risks while traveling and it is always better to protect yourself from any untoward perils, as it will help you to enjoy your trip in a carefree manner. It will compensate you for trip cancellations, flight delays, trip curtailment, and theft, loss of baggage, emergency medical treatment, emergency evacuation, death, and dismemberment. Here’s a quick rundown of some of the benefits of buying a travel insurance plan 1. Loss of baggage cover If your luggage is lost or misplaced, you don’t need to fret as it would be recompensed by the travel insurance provider. Your travel insurance policy will cover the cost of daily essentials that you lost with your luggage. Compensation will be provided if your luggage is delayed or lost in a common carrier or is a fault from the airline’s end. Your travel insurance policy will include the cost of clothing, toiletries, medicines etc. that you would need until you get your luggage back. All you need to furnish to the insurer are the payment receipts to the travel insurer as a proof. Make sure that you take the letter of baggage delay from the concerned airline, in mentioning the time of delay. 2. Cover for misplaced or lost of passport and travel documents In case your passport is lost or stolen, you can get compensation for the amount paid in getting travel documents and a duplicate passport. The travel insurance provider will offer you assistance in the replacement process. The insurer will help in coordinating with nearby Consulate Office or the local authorities. 3. Cancellation of trip It is one of the most disappointing incidents that can happen to a tourist. If you have a travel insurance policy you can get compensation for any flight cancellation in case of an emergency or delay from the airline’s end. Your travel insurance policy will cover the loss and damage resulting due to curtailment of the trip including additional expenses incurred on a hotel stay, travel expenses etc. 4. Compensation for emergency medical expenses When you are traveling to a new country, you might know what the cost of healthcare and hospitalization is like. If there is any sickness, or any accidental injury, an international travel insurance policy will save you a fortune. Else, you will end up running from pillar to post to seek help. You can take treatment in any of the network hospitals. If you need any assistance you take help from your insurance provider who will take you through the process in an unknown country. 5. Emergency repatriation cover Most of the travel insurance plans offer emergency repatriation cover. It includes medical evacuation to the nearest hospital in case of medical, aids in offering return flights (medically equipped) to home, which will be based on your health conditions. It is helpful when the injured or ill person is prescribed to be sent back to the home country for advanced treatment. It also includes emergency repatriation of mortal remains to the home town. 6. Coverage for accidental death and dismemberment It covers accidental injuries resulting in mutilation or death of the insured person after an accident. It also covers accidental injuries resulting in partial or total disability of any body part including eyesight and limbs. Hearing and speech impairment after an accident are also covered. 7. Personal accident cover If the policyholder dies due to an accident during the trip, or if it results into total disabilities or bodily injuries then his/her nominee will be compensated as per the insurance terms. 8. Compassionate visit by a family member It is an add-on cover that you can get with your international travel insurance policy. It is helpful when any of your family members are traveling abroad to visit you. In case of a medical emergency, where you have been hospitalized for more than a week, then that cost of family member’s flight would be recompensed by the travel insurer. The amount of compensation would be as per the policy terms. 9. Personal liability cover Any injury or loss that is caused to you buy a 3rd party can cause deep troubles for any traveler. This is where a travel insurance policy comes to your rescue. It will provide third-party damage cover and compensate you for legal and financial troubles. 10. House break-in cover while you are away on a tour What will happen, if there is a burglary while you are away on your trip? You can rely on a travel insurance policy in that case. It will compensate for any loss or damage resulting from a burglary attempt while you are away. Provided the incident has taken place during the policy term. 11. Emergency cash assistance In case you lose your cards, cash or if there is an incident of theft from whom will you seek help? In such a scenario travel insurance policy offers the necessary help. When you are stuck in an unknown place, your travel insurance policy will provide you the emergency cash assistance. And the amount compensated is subjected to policy terms and conditions. Bottom line Travel insurance is one of the most common insurances taken by people. It is imperative to have a travel insurance policy handy while going on an international vacation or domestic trip. Whether you are going on a business trip, educational trip or going on a leisure trip individually or with family, you should secure your trip with an adequate insurance policy. Most of the travelers ignore purchasing a travel insurance policy, as they find it difficult to understand the inclusions in the various insurance plans and how it is going to cover them against various risks and damages which may arise during their international or domestic trip. Now that you are aware of the benefits of travel insurance and the coverage it provides, you would be in a better position to decide which policy would meet all your travel requirements and concerns. You can make an easy comparison online and zero down on the policy that is offering you the maximum benefits.

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