is increasingly becoming more and more important. The same technology that makes life easier to manage also makes property more desirable. People are working longer hours, sometimes leaving children and pets home alone or with caregivers. advances make it possible to monitor home and business from a distance, providing peace of mind to home owners. Parents can work better and rest easier knowing that with a click of a mouse or a touch of the keypad on the cell phone, they can instantly see what’s going on with family members, employees or property. The simple nanny cam has given way to all sorts of hidden and plain-sight cameras. protection signs can be found on many lawns and businesses. The careful placement of the right type of camera lets the boss know who’s shirking and who’s working. Parents can see what the nanny is really doing while they’re gone. They can also see if their little angel has a dark side. The prevalence of drugs and the rise in teen drinking have added another element to for parents. Spying on family members isn’t a recommended practice but when it comes down to life and death issues, a well placed camera could save a teen’s life. Many Americans are now part of the sandwich generation – sandwiched between raising children and caring for elderly parents. It isn’t unusual for to now include making sure that grandma and grandpa are well cared for and are not getting into harm. cameras and systems allow those responsible for elderly or ill family members to monitor the situation from somewhere other than the bedside. Such cameras can be a lifesaver for family members dealing with a loved one confined to bed or facing Alzheimer’s. Affordable cameras, available at many discount stores, make it possible to feed camera images to other rooms in the home. It’s still possible to do laundry or prepare meals and still keep an eye on Grandma. Maintaining Simple precautions help provide home safety. Locks on windows, well trimmed shrubs, strong doors and proper outdoor lighting make the home less appealing to burglars. Making sure that valuables aren’t easily visible from windows is another way to avoid inviting break-ins. Installing and using a system provides reassurance while affording the ability to monitor situations. systems are only as good as the user, so it’s important to install a system that everyone can and will use. Systems come with a variety of options which can be tailored to fit family and individual needs. For instance, in the home of someone with Alzheimer’s, sensors can be set to alert family members if an appliance is turned on. Sensors can be set to monitor motion and provide alerts when someone leaves or enters a prescribed area. Pet owners can purchase systems without worrying about their pets triggering alarms. Most systems today are set up for pet owners so that pet activity isn’t a problem. No matter who or what is being protected, can be configured to meet the need. It doesn’t take a lot of money or a lot of time to set up and protect the people and things that are loved.

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