Are you 100% sure about mortgage refinancing? Even though a lot of people nowadays are doing it, it does not necessarily mean that it is the right option for you. Refinancing is a huge step, and there are instances where it does not apply, even though it seems like a good idea the first time you hear it.

Think twice about mortgage refinancing if you can relate to one of these people:

Mr. A’s home equity value has dropped.
Mr. A. is thinking hard about the status of his home’s value. Property values across the nation has gone down, so in most cases it does not make much sense to refinance.

Say that Mr. A gets to refinance up to 75% of his property’s new value, he should check to see if his original mortgage is less than that. If it’s higher, chances are he won’t be able to pay the existing loan with his new terms. Mortgage refinancing wouldn’t be helping him at all, if you think about it.

Mr. B will be paying his first loan for a long time.
Let’s say Mr. B has an existing mortgage that he has agreed to pay for 30 years. He has been paying that for 20 years now. Good. So he should think really hard before getting another 30-year loan.

For him, another thirty years would mean another reaping of interests. Add to that the obvious costs of closing up a new loan. Once he has done the numbers, it will be clear that he would be paying more in total if he decides to go with it.

Mr. C. only has a few years to go on his existing loan.
Sure, Mr. C may need the cash now, but i