Lenders may seem to offer identical rate. All may give you the same computation on your monthly fees. But each is unique. And if you fail to distinguish the good ones from fly-by-night companies, it’s as if you are giving your home title to the hands of a stranger. No, I don’t intend to scare you and definitely not to discourage you to refinance your mortgage, but you have to make sure that once you have made up your mind on pursuing this financial move, you know exactly which lender to go, or at least know the signs of a good lender.

The following should serve as your guidelines as you hunt for the right lender:

Reputation. Years in the industry is a good indication that a company is delivers their job. But that should not be your only parameter. Make sure that you also read reviews and ask existing and previous clients about their experience with the company.

Flexibility. You are putting your house on the line so it is just right to ask for better terms. A sign of a good company is the willingness to create a loan that fits your need. A good lender should be able to lower down their rates or adjust the terms to your requirement. Also, a good lender should be able to discuss with you all the fees involved in the process of buying out your current loan and taking a new one.

Availability. Study these scenarios: You dialed the company’s toll-free, someone picked up the phone but put you on hold for several minutes. You called several times throughout the day, nobody answered. You dialed again, this time at night and still, no one answered the phone. If you experience any of these situations, then consider it a ‘no’. A good lender should be able to attend to their clients any time, especially during office hours. Raise the red flag if you have difficulty contactin