Everyone has heard about distance learning. Often treated as a joke in movies and sitcoms, usually about how easy it is to get and the dubious quality of education provided, nowadays, it is being treated more seriously. This can be seen in the veritable explosion of legitimate universities offerince online college degrees. Advertisements about additional education can be seen plastered all over the Internet.

Though it’s not exactly advisable for young people, getting an online college degree is definitely the way to go if you’re already working and are hoping to add a bit more to that CV of yours. Traditional college is great and gives you a lot of life experiences, but when you’ve already been through college once and just want to earn that extra degreee then an online degree might just be right for you. The benefits are quite noticeable in terms of time and money. First, online degrees usually take twelve to eighteen months to finish – and this is mostly because you’re not doing it full-time. Compared to the four-year course that most traditional courses entail, this is nearly a fifty percent cut in the time investment – not to mention that you’re still working whil studying; earning money all the while.

The money you earn can also be added to the money you’ve saved – traditional classroom teaching is, on the whole, expensive. Rooms, electricity, handouts and a hundred other things that make up your tuition fee are cut by seventy-five percent when you are