The characteristics of online college education proved to be beneficial for working, single parents and those who are disabled and not capable of moving from one place to another. There are different types of college degrees and post-secondary education and training available. Online colleges do not only offer bachelor’s degree, but they also offer certificate and diploma programs, associate degrees, and even ranging until Masteral’s and Doctorate degrees.

Certificate and diploma programs are often the same. They would offer practical and theoretical knowledge about a particular area which may be valuable as an entry point for a profession. Associate degrees, on the other hand, are undergraduate degrees which can be earned within 2 years. Bachelors Degree offered in online colleges are no different from Bachelors Degree offered in traditional colleges.

The U.S. Department of Labor stated that 90% of the fastest-growing jobs in the country would require employees that have finished a college education. Most of the courses offered by online colleges and universities specialize in these fields. Online courses would focus on the fields of art and design, business, computer science, culinary, education, engineering, legal, liberal arts, medical, nursing, trade and technology.

Here are some top online courses:

• Bachelor’s Degree in English or Communication.
This course is very flexible especially if you are unsure of your current career and thinking of changing career paths. Graduates could teach, be a writer or editor. English and Communication graduates could also apply for secretarial positions, public relations officer and even venture into journalism and print media.

• Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration
One of the most flexible and versatile courses. Graduates could land jobs in the field of business, accountancy and finance, real estat