Celtic Reiki, Drawing Energy from Nature

Energy flows fro m the hands of a practitioner towards the person being healed. This is how reiki healing is conducted. Using the life force energy that is present in and all around us to heal and re-establish balance in ones being is one of the basic beliefs of reiki.

And taking this life force energy a little further, practitioners have entered into realizations and developed several reiki techniques to promote healing faster. One of which is a version called Celtic reiki.

Celtic reiki utilizes the energy flows present on Earth and specific plants. Practitioners of this reiki use not only the universal life force energy present in all things but also the specific energy found in nature to heal those who needs healing.

This reiki system comes from the religious beliefs of early Celts. To the early Celts, trees are important aspects of their religion believing that trees have their own spirits. They gave the trees such high regards that they even patterned their writing system based on the trees.

The Celts Ogham, which is the ancient writing of Celtic people, uses symbols or letters that are cut as a series of notches and symbolizes different kinds of trees. Each letter represents a different kind of tree, specifically chosen for qualities that can be linked to spiritual concepts.

Some of the trees that are represented in the Celtic alphabet include the silver fir, birch, hawthorn, heather, ash, oak, willow, elder, yew, grove, ivy, hazel, and honeysuckle. Practitioners of Celtic reiki use the symbols from the Ogham. This reiki also follows the Celtic philosophy of bravery, honor, integrity, valor and reverence.

But even though Celtic reiki draws influences from ancient Celtic religion, the practice itself is not a religious one. But rather it is a therapy that aims to treat the mind, body and spirit. It is not connected to any religion and as such can be passed down to everybody regardless of age, race, gender, and culture.

Celtic reiki was created by Martyn Pentecost. It was developed further Julie Norman. Practitioners of this reiki see this technique as a beautiful and earthy form. Having foundations on earth energy, this reiki has to channel the energy vibrations from the earth, specific plants, trees and the ocean through the root chakra as opposed to the crown chakra that is where conventional reiki channels the energy.

The techniques developed by Pentecost between 1998 and 2000 are used for therapy and goal creations. Combining the concept of the original reiki and the various Celtic beliefs and rituals, the Celtikc reiki techniques were created to handle day to day activities like tackling issues of prosperity, finance, work, and building relationships.

People who are interested in plants, trees, and tree and plant legend or lore, are often drawn to the Celtic reiki belief. Men in particular are drawn closer to the Celtic reiki because it seems that this reiki has more masculine types of energy. But in reality, Celtic reiki is regarded as an equal among the other kinds of reikis.

The Celtic reiki treatment usually lasts for an hour and involves placing the hands in strategic locations and in specific sequences that will elicit a deep state of relaxation.

A student achieving attunement means having been open to the tree and plant energies, the ethics of stuff, the various Celtic symbols, hand placements, moon phases, and the various aspects of soul journeying, retrieval, and realization.

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