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Heart Energy – Reiki Healing


Heart Energy – Reiki Healing

Imagine being in a meditative state – that full feeling of calm and presence that restores your stability and leaves you feeling lighter. Now think about being a number of “levels” deeper than that state. Imagine drifting even decrease into the unconscious of your thoughts after which watching visions—reminiscences, individuals, conditions, traumas—cross by like a movie reel, replaying all of the buried ideas you had lengthy forgotten about, or repressed. This is what I skilled throughout my first Reiki therapeutic session.

Obviously, the thought of watching destructive reminiscences or repressed ideas scroll by doesn’t precisely affirm the (maybe misguided) expectation of rest throughout a Reiki session. But surprisingly sufficient, regardless of this cocktail of ideas that whizzed by, I used to be nonetheless calm and clear, observing every reminiscence with distance and curiosity.

At the tip of the session, nevertheless, I felt scattered and foggy, unable to gracefully replicate on my expertise. It wasn’t till a while had handed that I began to have the ability to actually take into consideration the visions I’d seen. But I knew virtually straight away that these visions—these reminiscences, individuals, conditions, and traumas—had been vitality freely flowing by me. That vitality had been blocked and buried deep down, and that was what Alexia, my Reiki healer, helped me launch.

The complete expertise left me feeling very curious. I wished to know Reiki a bit higher, and what higher method than to have espresso with a Reiki healer. So, a number of days later I sat down with Alexia Houchins, a stage two Reiki healer, to ask her a number of questions on Reiki. Here is a snapshot of that dialog, and what she want to share about Reiki:

As a Reiki healer and facilitator, what precisely is your function throughout a therapeutic session?

Reiki healers don’t diagnose, deal with, or remedy particular circumstances; they’re merely there to channel the vitality. “My job is to show up and get out of the way,” Alexia says with amusing. She explains that Reiki is about holding area and permitting vitality to freely circulate the place it must. The function of the healer is to behave like a “water hose” that allows the vitality of unconditional like to circulate into the consumer.

How would possibly one Reiki healer differ from one other?

The path of the Reiki healer could be very intuitive. If the healer is stage one, they have to be referred to as to be stage two. Advancing additional up the degrees of certification have to be a part of an intrinsic journey for the healer as a result of with every development in stage, the healer’s “water hose” expands to channel much more vitality. While one healer might be able to channel extra vitality than one other, the necessary factor is to discover a healer you join with.

What can a healer really feel from their consumer throughout a session?

During a Reiki session, a healer can really feel warmth in locations the place the consumer is definitely drawing within the Reiki vitality. In areas the place there may be an vitality blockage, the healer can really feel coolness. “I can feel areas that maybe clients don’t want to release,” Alexia explains. She says that all of us have the potential to shift and alter, however that our humanness can restrict us. Because of this, many people aren’t but prepared to deal with sure (typically harder) components of ourselves which will come up throughout these classes (the “boulders”). We might solely be able to acknowledge the smaller issues (the “pebbles”). The healer can really feel that reluctant vitality.

How would you describe the aim of Reiki to somebody who’s unfamiliar?

Alexia offers an analogy of a dying mobile phone. Your mobile phone is designed to have the ability to carry out many capabilities. Over time, although, the battery begins to empty. When your telephone’s battery drains, it wants an exterior energy supply to recharge. Reiki, on this analogy, is the exterior energy supply. By receiving Reiki, you might be basically “recharging” your soul and restoring stability to be able to function at your greatest once more. Additionally, Alexia explains that Reiki is a heart-centered observe. This implies that the vitality that’s flowing is sourced from a spot a love in order that the receiver is infused with it. This heart-centered love vitality is what facilitates the therapeutic.

How typically ought to one do Reiki to expertise the complete benefit?

Reiki needs to be performed as wanted. Often, individuals hunt down Reiki throughout a transition or a disaster, and that is superb. For common upkeep and stability, Alexia recommends integrating Reiki into your schedule as soon as a month. But the timing and frequency of Reiki classes is totally as much as the you.

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