Introduced by Motorola during the 1980s, Six Sigma is a business management strategy that aims to achieve at least 3.4 defects out of a million opportunities. That’s your target. The Six Sigma is obviously, divided into six phases. Each of which is an idea of a continuous improvement until you reach the said minimum number of defects allowed in the Six Sigma way.

Reading along the definition of Six Sigma and how it works may not be enough, especially when you start seeing the numbers, variations, deviations in the like. It may start to sound like a different language all in all. If you don’t like mathematics that much, then you’d probably find it a little too much to handle. However, if you have someone to teach it to you, and make it simpler to understand, then you’d realize it’s just as easy as you thought it was before the mathematics. That’s where the online Six Sigma courses would come beneficial.

Before jumping off to an online Six Sigma course, you need to some sort of preparation and planning to be able to choose exactly what you should have. There are probably hundreds of Six Sigma programs offered on the web, but more than just trusting and hoping you wouldn’t regret enrolling, you’ll need to do your part to guarantee that you’ll be choosing the right one for you.

Here are some questions that could help in your preparation:

First off, what do you need? This is in terms of what you want to happen for your company. Why do you want to adopt the Six Sigma way? Where are you planning to implement it? Which area of your company? How far along in the Six Sigma are you willing to undertake? Are you that serious? When you know what you want, then you’ll know what to expect, and you’ll be able to analyze your objective.

The next set of questions will be about the online Six Sigma program that you’