Most of us forget to book a travel insurance policy when going on a trip. It is one of the most ignored insurance policies as most of us are not able to anticipate the risk that may arise on a trip. It is only seen as an extra expense that pointlessly goes out of our pockets.

If you take into consideration the benefits of buying a travel insurance plan you would know how it will protect you against all the possible risks. If you would know the risks covered by a travel insurance policy you would never give it a miss.

If you are going on an international trip, you can look at an international travel insurance policy. And if you are going on a trip to the country, you can buy a domestic travel insurance plan . You can easily compare best travel insurance online.

You cannot predict risks while traveling and it is always better to protect yourself from any untoward perils, as it will help you to enjoy your trip in a carefree manner. It will compensate you for trip cancellations, flight delays, trip curtailment, and theft, loss of baggage, emergency medical treatment, emergency evacuation, death, and dismemberment.

Here’s a quick rundown of some of the benefits of buying a travel insurance plan

1. Loss of baggage cover
If your luggage is lost or misplaced, you don’t need to fret as it would be recompensed by the travel insurance provider. Your travel insurance policy will cover the cost of daily essentials that you lost with your luggage. Compensation will be provided if your luggage is delayed or lost in a common carrier or is a fault from the airline’s end.

Your travel insurance policy will include the cost of clothing, toiletries, medicines etc. that you would need until you get your luggage back.

All you need to furnish to the insurer are the payment receipts to the travel insurer as a proof. Make sure that you take the letter of baggage delay from the concerned airline, in mentioning the time of delay.

2. Cover for misplaced or lost of passport and travel documents
In case your passport is lost or stolen, you can get compensation for the amount paid in getting travel documents and a duplicate passport.

The travel insurance provider will offer